It'll Take an Army

Written by Terry:

The countdown is coming up so freaking fast!! and everyday when my 60 year old body drags itself out of bed along with all the little aches and pains I start to really get scared. Like, what the hell was I thinking? Ive been in this place before, but not with so much at stake for me. Honestly put ,I'm scared to death of my body giving out before my heart. I want this so bad for not only the Alzheimer foundation but for my mom. I am living and breathing this course. So if any of you are reading this. I cannot do this alone. I need all the help I can get. I need your inspiration, your messages, your donations, your physical presence if you can, basically I am in need of a small army. To know me is to know I am not used to being on the asking side of things and it is so very hard for me to do. But right now I'm begging you please spread the word of this insanity to your families, your friends, your friends friends any one willing to help. This cause means so much to me. So I'm asking please do whatever you can. I will be so grateful. All my love Terry

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