Seven Days

Seven days...I cannot believe this dream of mine is finally coming to task. This whole past week I have been furiously going through gear, first aid kits, clothes and double checking everything. I have my iPod loaded up with some great music and a couple of audio books thrown in to help with the time spent crossing 1000 miles. I am scared, excited and ready. It almost feels literally like going into battle and in many ways it is. My main mission will be to keep one foot in front of the other, to disregard the thoughts in my head urging me to quit and to listen openly to my heart and all the reasons I am doing such a crazy thing. I hope many of you who see this page will join me either in heart or out on the road. I know I cannot accomplish this herculean task on my own and that it will take a small army of friends, family and anyone who has cared for someone suffering from this horrible disease that for now has no cure.


taryn graham